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When you visit Holden’s website to see the all-new Spark you’ll see that we say “Spark has real-world smarts”, that “it has all the latest tech to stay connected on the road” and “it’s packed with everything you need to discover the city in style and comfort”.

For Isabella Dyke in style and comfort is how she wants to be in her city. She’s had her new seriously styley Spark just three weeks, she’s already driven it 1000ks around Auckland city and she loves it. Isabella says the Spark is the perfect size for her, small but spacious, and ‘not a grandma car’.  Yet Isabella is quick to point out her Spark is not just made for the city, “it’s big enough and comfortable enough for longer distances, my boyfriend and I would definitely drive it to Hawkes Bay to see his family.”

A student at AUT University, Isabella used real-world smarts to come to her choice of new car.  As a nanny, being able to put her young charges and their car seats safely in the back seat was important to her. Six airbags add to her sense of being safe but it’s the reversing camera that let’s her see exactly what she’s doing in tight spaces that clinches the deal for Isabella. “How did I ever survive without a reversing camera?” she asks. “And never have I parallel parked quite so well until now!”

What really sold Isabella though was Apple CarPlay, the latest tech to stay connected on the road and a very smart and safe way for Isabella to use her iPhone in her Spark. “I can get directions, make calls, send and receive messages, listen to music and stay focused on the road.” And again, Isabella pauses before she wonders aloud, “How did I ever survive without Apple CarPlay?”

In Driven motoring writer Liz Dobson says ‘Holden Spark is one for the Millenials’. Talk to Isabella and she’ll tell you Liz Dobson is totally right.

Super Styley Spark

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